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The Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation

The Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation, previously known as the Cullman & Hurt Community Wildlife project is a non-profit organisation that has been at the forefront of conservation and community based natural resource management in Tanzania since the early 1990’s.

Robin Hurt and Joseph Cullman believed that wildlife and its habitat can only be conserved by involving the local people, and from this involvement give them a direct benefit from the wildlife among which they live.

As Robin has said many times “for wildlife to survive in a changing Africa it must be a competitive form of land use. It must benefit human communities. Without the full support and cooperation of local communities wildlife in Africa is surely doomed”. This was true in 1990 and even more appropriate today, some 25 years later.

Our mission is to secure the survival of African wildlife habitats by ensuring that they benefit the human communities with which they co-exist.




50 years of african hunting safaris with robin hurt 


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