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Health & Wellness Programme

Our community Health & Wellness Education Program has been operating now nearly 10 years under the direction of Wesley Kaleshu. The overall goal of the program is to deliver community health and wellness education in the hunting areas assigned to Robin Hurt Safaris.

We now have 26 village health workers programs spread throughout Tanzania. We have purchased and distributed 42 first aid kits to the village health workers and in collaboration with the Monduli District Medical Council have distributed mosquito nets to all households in the district.

We have participated in an immunisation campaign and provided vaccinations to women of child bearing age and children under 5. We have also been active in a deworming exercise for school children in our Burko area. Every year, between February and March, we host a group of Doctors from the USA / Canada. They are organized by the Mary Tidlund Charitable Foundation. These Doctors carry out Health Clinics throughout our concessions over a period of 12 days. They give health check-ups ranging from eye tests to maternal health and everything in between. In a typical visit they will see over 3,000 villagers from within the Robin Hurt Hunting concessions.

During this time, our Village Health Worker Program receives training of 5 days from these Doctors in conjunction with the District Medical Officer and his team.




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