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Village Benefits & Community Projects

Through our Village Benefits Scheme and other generous donations we have been working with all the villagers in and the surrounding Burko, Rungwa, Luganzo and Mlele areas. The funds generated are dispersed amongst these villages towards goals that benefit the communities as a whole.

These projects range from: building school class rooms, teacher’s accommodation, book libraries, to health dispensaries and immunisation mobile clinics as well as projects such as bore holes and clean water programmes. We also are involved and contribute towards training programmes in conservation and health. While also encouraging more eco-friendly livelihood practises such as bee keeping and tree planting.

Strong emphasis is made to the villagers that these benefits come to them on the basis of good conservation practises that protect the wildlife and habitat in the surrounding areas. To this end we have a mobile movie theatre which goes to all the villages showing educational health and conservation orientated movies.

We continue to work hand in hand with the Norlien Foundation and we are extremely grateful for their on-going support and we would also like to give special thanks to the Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation and the Osu Children’s Library of Canada for both their enormous contributions.




50 years of african hunting safaris with robin hurt 


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