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Bird Shooting Safaris

A passion for Tradition

Bird shooting is a personal passion of Hurt family, and hence their enthusiasm and expertise, has lead to us having some of the best bird shooting areas not only in Africa, but also in England and Spain.

These shooting areas do not just have large numbers of birds, but have also been selected for some of the most challenging and exciting shooting available


Tanzania offers outstanding bird shooting and nobody is in a better position than Robin Hurt Safaris to arrange a successful shoot.

The season runs from the 1st July to 31 December each year.

We arrange bird shoots in our private Burko Masai land concession in Northern Tanzania. Burko offers some of the best bird shooting available in Africa with abundant numbers of both big and small game birds. A Tanzania Bird Shooting License allows a total bag of 50 birds per gun per day in any combination of the following species:

3 species of Duck (seasonal)
3 species of Goose (seasonal)
2 species of Teal (seasonal)
2 species of Spur Fowl
3 species of Francolin
3 species of Sandgrouse
Harlequin Quail
4 species of Dove
Helmeted Guineafowl



Highlights of a wing shooting safari in Tanzania


Guns are allowed a maximum of 50 birds each per day on licence. A group of 4 shooters could expect to get a mixed bag of up to 100 to 200 birds a day. We recommend groups of at least 4 guns.

The Shooting Day

Is made up of early morning pre breakfast shoots, often targeting flighting birds such as sandgrouse, dove, and if in the right area, duck and teal. After breakfast there are some great walk up shooting opportunities on francolin and spur fowl, generally followed by a picnic lunch out in the African bush. After a bit of a siesta the afternoon usually entails some more walk up birds mixed in with some driven birds, especially flocks of guinea fowl can be very entertaining, before sundowners and the drive back to camp for a relaxed evening with dinner and drinks around the camp fire.


Advice on guns, licensing, ammunition, what shooting clothes etc. to bring will be given once a group has booked. You may bring your own guns or we can provide you with rifles and ammunition at cost. All bird shoots are operated on an exclusive basis so the camp and area will be for your party only.





Burko Masailand Camp

A private wilderness area situated in the heart of Masailand west of Arusha. The area is approximately 450,000 acres encompassing a huge variety of country, from the Mountain Rain Forest peaks of Burko and Lossimingor Mountains, to the Rift Valley Escarpment and into the semi-arid floor of the Great Rift Valley.

Burko is an exclusive camp in our own private concession so you and your party can enjoy the African wilderness away from the crowds.

The Burko camp is a traditional safari camp. There is a central dinning and sitting room area which is a permanent structure. There are 6 large spacious en-suite client tents with either single or double beds.




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